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Navigating Jointly

Learn how to navigate and get around the Jointly platform.

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Main Navigation Bar


A high-level overview of all your client deals and where they are in the pipeline as well as any archived deals.

If you don't have any deals, get started by:


The Overview reflects the relationship between you as an agent the client you represent. In this overview of your deal, you will have three areas of navigation - Documents tab, Next Steps and Offers.

The Documents tab is where you will find the documents you have selected as tasks for yourself or your client to complete. The documents can be deleted or downloaded as a PDF from this tab. Note: Only documents related to the representation of your client will be reflected in this tab.

The Next Steps tab is the task list. When you add a document this is where it will be displayed for you to take action. On this tab you can also view what tasks your client has in progress by selecting their name in the View As at the top of the list.

The Offers tab is where all of the offers you have submitted for your buyer or offers that have been received for your sellers are organized. You can click on a specific offer in the list to navigate to the offer.


An inside look at an offer you've drafted, submitted, or received. Here you can view offer to-dos, terms, and contract documents. To access this page, select an offer from the Offers tab on your Overview page. If you don't see any offers, you either haven't received an offer on your listing yet or you haven't started drafting an offer.

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