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Jointly Leases FAQ
Jointly Leases FAQ
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What can I do as a Listing Agent?

As a Listing Agent working on leases on Jointly, you can request a Tenant Screening, draft a TXR Residential or Multi-Family Lease and even execute a TXR Exclusive Right to Lease agreement with your clients.

To set up your lease listing, one of the first things you can do is set up your Listing Portal, where Tenants will be able to see your listing details and start an application on your listing as well.

We've designed a flexible and customizable lease set up experience on Jointly. Some of the lease requirement options include:

  • Ready-to-use TXR Lease Application form that tenants can easily fill out on Jointly

  • Tenant Screening powered by TransUnion, which includes a Credit Report and Score, Criminal Background Report and Eviction Proceedings

  • Require your tenants to upload Supporting Documentation such as:

    • Proof of income

    • Bank statements

    • Tax returns

    • W-2

    • Government issued ID

    • Other documents

Besides setting up your Listing Portal and application requirements, a Listing Agent on Jointly can also do the following:

  • Complete pre-listing documentation with your clients (ex. Exclusive Right to Lease, IABS, etc.)

  • Receive and be notified about applications submitted on your listing

  • Manage and oversee the application process once an application has been started

  • Present the application to your clients

  • Approve or Reject the application

  • Draft the TXR Residential or Multi-Family Lease and any additional addenda

How can someone apply to my listing?

  • First, add Application Instructions to your MLS listing.

    • This is where Tenant Agents will find the link to your Listing Portal.

    • You can also share this document with unrepresented Tenants so they can apply to your listing via the Listing Portal.

  • Tenants you represent can apply to your listing by starting an application on their behalf.

    • Go to your Listing Portal and select Start Application (to invite the Tenants to complete your already set up application) or select Start Lease to invite them to start a custom application

Who can apply to my listing on Jointly?

  • Tenants who are represented by Tenant Agents

  • Tenants who are not represented (unrepresented tenants or direct leads)

  • Tenants you represent (even if you represent the landlord)

What does the process of applying to my listing on Jointly look like for a Tenant or Tenant Agent?

  • Once a Tenant or Tenant Agent starts an application on your listing, they will first be asked to add their Tenant's information or add additional co-tenants to the application.

  • After adding Tenants, all applying Tenants will receive a task list to complete of any following application requirements you have set (e.g. Lease Application, Screening, Supporting Documentation, etc.)

  • After completing each task, they will be automatically submitted and available for you to view.

  • Once all application requirements have been completed, you will be notified the application is ready to review

I'm not working with a Listing Agent. Can I use Jointly to set up application requirements for my own home?

Yes! Enter your own information when you set up your deal and you will be able to set up your requirements acting as both the Listing Agent and Landlord on the deal.

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