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How to Set up Your Lease Listing + Screening
How to Set up Your Lease Listing + Screening
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In order to set up your lease screening on Jointly, you need to first claim your listing on Jointly.

If you've already claimed your listing, you can jump to How to Set up Lease Screening.

Claiming your Listing from your Deals page

  1. Click Add Client from the upper right corner of your Deals page.

  2. Select Landlord for the question "Who are you working with?"

  3. If your property is currently listed on the MLS, select Yes—you will be able to input the MLS # later on. Otherwise, select No.

    Note: If your listing was just created on the MLS, it may not appear on Jointly right away. If you are unable to add it with the MLS ID, select No to currently listed on MLS (you can always link it later).

  4. Enter your client’s information. You can add up to two landlords.

How to Set up Lease Screening:

  1. After claiming your listing, you will see a Set Up Listing task under the NEXT STEPS tab:

    1. Set up Listing.

  2. Each step builds your listing details and application requirements.

    1. Listing details:

      1. Allows you to add details to your Listing Portal

    2. Application Requirements

      1. Add a Tenant Screening (powered by TransUnion) when Tenants apply to your listing. Mark Yes to the question “Would you like to request Credit & Score, Criminal Background and Eviction Proceeds Reports?"

  3. Our partnership with TransUnion includes the Credit Report & Score, Criminal Background Report and Eviction Proceedings for a $50 fee.

  4. Select who should get access to the screening reports after a Tenant has submitted their screening application. We have pre-selected the Listing Agent, Listing Agent's team and clients. **NOTE: Per the agreement with TransUnion, the parties allowed to view the report must be named and agreed to before generating the report. If the agent does not select the landlord during this set up task, there is no way to send the report to the landlord after the report has been generated.**

  5. You will be able to review the breakdown of fees and also adjust the Application Fee if you choose to.

  6. We have defaulted for the Tenant to pay the application fee, but you can choose when the Tenant will be charged, whenever you have reviewed the application or immediately when the Tenant completes their application.

  7. Additional Screening Documentation:

    1. Require Tenants to upload additional documentation when they apply to your listing such as proof of income and ID.

  8. Once you save and complete the Set up Listing task, Tenants who apply to your listing will now be able to complete their screening on Jointly and pay for the application fee if indicated.

  9. The TXR Lease Application will automatically get added for Tenants to complete when they apply to your listing.

Editing Set Up Tasks

  • If you ever need to make any changes to your Set up tasks, click on the pencil icon next to the Overview.

  • Here you can update all the set up tasks you've already completed. Saving any changes will update your application requirements.

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