How to draft an offer

Learn how to draft and offer in minutes on Jointly.

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Once you've started an offer, you can draft all the required offer documents on Jointly.

On your Offer page, under the Tasks tab, you'll see a list of documents that need to be completed. The first document in the list will be the contract for the relevant property type.

If Jointly has other information about the property—from the MLS or information provided by the listing agent—you may see additional documents to complete.

For instance, if the property is known to be in a Homeowner's Association (HOA), you will be assigned a task to complete the appropriate HOA documents. If you've already set your client up on Jointly and noted that they would need financing, you'll see the appropriate financing document (i.e. Third Party Financing Addendum) included in your assigned tasks.

Drafting a document

To draft and complete a document, click on the document listed in the Tasks tab. Learn more about the Tasks tab and different task statuses.

one assigned task to complete the contract on the jointly offers page

Depending on the document, when you click into the task, you may see several subtasks listed in the middle panel. These subtasks represent the different sections of the document that will need to be completed.

On the far right panel, you will see a form with questions that correspond to the questions shown on the PDF contract.

drafting and filling out a contract in jointly

Expanding the form

You can expand this form to become the full width of the page by clicking the expand the icon in the top right. To collapse the form after expanding it, simply click the collapse icon in the top right.

Previewing the PDF

To preview the PDF contract with what you've completed so far, click the Preview bottom at the top right of the middle panel. To return to the form, click the "X" icon in the top right.

Once you've completed the questions in that section, press Save.

Note: Some of the information in these sections may be pre-populated based on information from the MLS, information provided by the listing agent, or your preferred contract terms. For instance, the property address or the seller's preferred title company. Other fields may include a default value based on commonly used terms. You can easily overwrite these fields if you’d like to make changes.

If you accidentally miss a required field, you will be prompted to complete the missed field. Complete the missing field and press Save to continue to the next section.

an example of a warning when a required field is missed in jointly

If you'd like, you can continue on to other sections of the document without completing all the required fields. The fields you've completed will save automatically even if you haven't pressed save.

Note: If you do move on to complete other sections, once you save that section, Jointly will automatically return you to the incomplete section with the required field.

However, if you do not complete all the required fields, the document will remain in a draft status and you will not be able to send it to your client to review and sign until all the required fields are complete.

Reviewing the completed document

Once you've completed all the sections of the document, a new subtask will appear prompting you to review the completed document in PDF format.

reviewing the pdf contract in jointly

After you've reviewed the document, click Mark as Done to complete your review. If all required fields have been completed, you'll be redirected to your open tasks and the document's status will be updated to "Ready to Send to Client."

Note: If you've skipped a required field, you will not be able to mark the document as done until the required field has been completed.

Completing additional documents

Depending on how you completed the contract, you may see additional documents appear under your offer tasks. For instance, if you noted that your buyer will be using third party financing, the Third Party Financing Addendum will automatically appear in your list of documents to complete. You'll also see a new task appear for uploading the pre-qualification letter.

new tasks showing up in the tasks tab on the jointly offer page

Adding other documents

Aside from additional documents that may have automatically been included, you can add other documents as needed.

To add a document, click the + Add Document button at the bottom center of the page.

A new window will appear where you can choose to add a pre-mapped document from our forms library or upload your own document. Documents uploaded to the offer will be visible to your client once you invite them to the deal.

window showing options to add a document from the forms library or upload a shared document

Removing a document

To remove a document from your Tasks tab, hover over the document in your task list and click the trash icon at the far right.

arrow pointing to the trash can icon when hovering over a task on the tasks tab

To remove a document from within the task, click the trash icon in the top right of the center panel.

arrow pointing to the trash can icon from within a document being drafted

Press Delete to confirm you’d like to remove the document.

Note: You cannot remove the contract. This document is required to draft and submit an offer.

What's next?

Once you've finished drafting your offer, learn how to send the offer to your client for signature.

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