How to reject an offer
Learn how to reject an offer on Jointly.
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What happens when you reject an offer?

Rejecting an offer will notify the buyer's agent and buyer that their offer has been rejected.

When can you reject an offer?

The option to reject an offer will be available:

  • After you've presented an offer

How to reject an offer:

  1. From the Offer page, click Reject.

  2. When you click "reject," you can choose whether or not you'd like to notify the buyer's agent. If you select "yes," you can add an optional note. This note will be included in the email and/or text notification sent to the buyer's agent.

  3. You can also select whether or not you'd like the buyer's agent to resubmit their offer. If you select "no," you'll still have the option to invite the buyer's agent to resubmit the offer later on.

  4. Press Reject.

After you reject an offer, you can:

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