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Jointly Messaging Center
Jointly Messaging Center

Learn how to send an email message and/or text, send attachments, insert email templates and email signatures.

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Communicating with your clients, collaborators and outside parties is easy in Jointly. With our message center, you can send a message via email, text or both. Send to multiple recipients at once, automatically include a link back to the deal, and add documents as PDF attachments to the message.

To send a message, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Participants page (client participants or offer/application participants)

2. Click the message icon. You can choose to Send Message or Send Login Link. Sending a message will navigate you to our Messaging Center and "Send Login Link" will allow you to send a brief note along with a link to Jointly to the desired recipient.

3. If you have decided to Send a Message you will have the ability to select the recipient(s) from a drop-down menu, in addition you can type in email addresses for outside parties and add CC and BCC recipients. When drafting your message you can format the font, add attachments, smart fields, email or signature templates, hyperlinks and images.

Note: If you send a message to multiple recipients, each will receive their own individual message.

4. Choose how you would like the message to be delivered. Click the SEND EMAIL button to send email or click the arrow to select send text or both email and text.

Note: If a recipient replies, the response will be directed to your email address.

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