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Email Templates & Signatures
Email Templates & Signatures

How to create email templates for agents and teams as a Jointly Pro or Business Partner.

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As a Jointly Pro or Business Account you will have the ability to create email templates for your team and for your individual use. You can find more information about Jointly Pro and Business accounts here.

Where Are Team Email Templates Created?

  1. Team templates for Jointly Business partners can be found by selecting the Team button on the left side bar of your screen. Note: Only users designated as a Team Admin can access this.

  2. From the Manage Team modal, select Email Templates from the left side.

Where are Agent Email Templates Created?

  1. Agent email templates are created by navigating to the Profile button on the left side bar of your screen.

  2. From your Manage Profile, select Email Templates from the left side.

How do I Create a New Email Template?

  1. After navigating to the template management modal for either Team or Agent Templates, you will select the type of template you would like to create. Then select +Add Template in the upper right corner of the modal. Templates are created based on the type of deal you have created - Buyer, Seller, Tenant or Landlord.

  2. You can name your template by selecting the pencil icon.

  3. Set the Subject line for the email.

  4. Write out the content of your email template. You can use Jointly Smart Fields for any data reference points you would like to automatically populate. Learn more about Smart Fields here.

  5. Once you have written and formatted the content of your email template select Save Template. Now your email template will show in your templates list. Templates saved for a team will be stored under Shared Templates.

How do I Use an Email Template?

  1. When drafting a message in a deal select the template icon at the bottom of your message.

  2. Select the desired template from your available template list. Remember that you will only find a template that was created for the same deal type.

  3. Now you will see the template populated with the specific data related to your deal.

How do I Create and Use Signatures?

  1. After navigating to template management, select Email Signature and then +Add Template.

  2. You can set a name for your email signature by selecting the pencil icon and create your desired signature. You can use the rich text editing features and include pictures and links. Select Save Template once finished.

    3. When creating a message, the signature will populate in the message. I can also manually add a signature by selecting the signature icon at the bottom of the message.

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