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How to send a message to your client
How to send a message to your client
Learn how to send a message to your client to remind them to sign a document or finish completing a task.
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Make communicating important updates and reminders to your clients even easier. With our messaging feature, you can send a message to a client or team member without ever having to leave Jointly. Choose between text or email, send to multiple recipients at once, and automatically include a link back to the deal.

Sending a message to your client might be helpful if you want to:

  • Resend an offer or document for signature

  • Remind a client to sign or complete a task

To send a message to your client, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Listing, Buyer Overview, or Offer page.

2. Under the "Participants" section, click the envelope icon

3. Select who you would like to send the message to. You can choose to send the message to multiple recipients.

Note: If you send a message to multiple recipients, each will receive their own individual message.

4. Choose how you would like the message to be delivered. You can select email, text message, or both.

5. Write a subject and message. A link back to the deal will automatically be included in the message. Jointly will generate a default subject line which you can change if desired.

Note: At this time, recipients will not be able to reply directly to your message.

6. Press "Send."

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