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Best Practices for Submitting Offers
Best Practices for Submitting Offers

Learn how to submit an offer to the listing agent.

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Once your buyer(s) have signed the offer documents and they are ready to submit to the Listing Agent, follow these steps for best practices in Jointly

  1. Click the SUBMIT button and select the documents you are submitting.

    Note: Only the documents that require the seller(s) to sign will show here; However, the listing agent will have access to all documents located in the Offer Documents page once you submit.

  2. The listing Agent's information should be prefilled for you. Click NEXT.

  3. Next you will be prompted to send an email message to the listing agent.
    *Note: If you back out of this step, the listing agent will not receive a notification of the offer even though it was submitted.

    The listing agent and your team members will automatically populate to the email. You can delete people or add other people who are not on the drop-down list.

    Draft your email to the listing agent and insert your offer template that outlines all of the details of the offer.

    ​You can learn more about creating email templates and signatures here.

    You have the option to include a link for the agent to access the documents in Jointly and invite their clients to sign or attach the documents as PDF attachments to the email, or both.

    Press SEND EMAIL or use the drop down arrow and send as both email and text message to the listing agent.

  4. Click on the icon for the Listing Agent in the Offer Participants page to verify the notification was sent

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