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Task and Document Flow
Task and Document Flow
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Successfully setting up client deals and drafting documents is the building block of your Jointly experience. You'll find three different types of tasks as you navigate Jointly:

  • Documents

  • Set Up

  • Upload

How do I manage my tasks?

Adding a Task

To add a document to your task list you can select the ADD DOCUMENT button at the bottom of the page and either select the task from the forms library or upload your own custom document. You can learn more about custom documents here.

Editing a Document

There are two ways to edit a document task you have completed drafting or that is awaiting signature. You can select the task from your list, reopen the steps and make edits to the selections. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Client, Offer or Contract Documents to find a specific document you would like to edit. Then select the three dots to the far right, then select Edit Document. You can learn more about editing tasks here.

Deleting a Task

To delete a task from your list, hover over the task and select the Trash Can icon to the right.

How will my document flow once I have finished drafting?

Once you have completed drafting your document task, you will have the ability to assign it to your client or other party and send it to them.

Documents selected from the forms library do not require any special action to map out where fields are located, including initials and signatures - we've taken care of that for you already!

Once a document task is assigned, it will be in the recipient's task list to complete. As each party is assigned to the task, the flow will continue until the document is completed. You will find completed document in the Client, Offer or Contract Documents.

How do I know if there are outstanding tasks to complete?

When you have outstanding tasks to complete in your task list you will see a red bubble icon with a number identifying how many tasks are outstanding.

Once you have assigned tasks to your client, you can view your client's progress by selecting the gray pill with their name at the top of the task list.

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