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How to Edit a Document
How to Edit a Document

Learn how to edit a client or offer document in Jointly.

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Whether you need to update a term on a contract or correct a typo on the Listing Agreement, you can easily edit documents when you need to.

You can edit documents that you’ve completed drafting and have marked complete, documents assigned to your client, and even documents you’ve already sent to the listing agent.

There are two ways you can start editing a document in Jointly:

  1. From your or your client’s Tasks list

  2. From the Documents page

How to edit a document

1. To edit a document you’ve completed drafting or one that you’ve sent to your client for signature, navigate to your Tasks page and hover over the document to see the pencil edit icon.

2. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Documents page to find the document you’d like to edit. Click the three dots to the far right of the document, then select Edit document.

** Note - If you aren't wanting to clear any information or signatures on the current document, select the "Create a copy and redline document" to map additional fields.

You can also click into the document and press the pencil icon in the top right corner to start editing.

3. Press “CONFIRM” to reopen the document to make changes and reset signatures if applicable.

4. Make your changes, then press “Save.”

5. You’ll have a chance to review the edited document. Once you’ve reviewed the edits, click “Mark as Ready.”

6. You will now have the option to assign the task to your client to resign.

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