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Setting Team Contract Preferences
Setting Team Contract Preferences

Learn how to set Contract Preferences for the Team.

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Contract Preferences are a collection of questions and terms that can be configured and used to prefill fields when drafting documents in the deals you create. While each agent has the ability to set their own contract preferences in their profile, Jointly Business account administrators also have the ability to set these contract preferences at a team level, ensuring standardization and compliance for the team.

How to Set Team Contract Preferences

  1. Navigate to your Team icon in the left bar.

  2. Select the Contract Preferences option.

  3. Select the Contract Preference category from the left panel.

  4. Each preference category will populate a list of questions or fields for you to complete. Select the desired field and enter your data.

Ensure you Save each preference category when you have completed filling it out before moving on to the next category.

Note: If your organization has multiple teams configured in Jointly, be sure to select the correct team from the team drop down before starting your preference configuration.

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