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What Happens When I Receive an Offer?
What Happens When I Receive an Offer?

Learn what happens when a buyer's agent submits an offer on your listing through Jointly.

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What to expect when you receive your first offer

Here's what you can expect when a buyer's agent submits an offer on your listing with Jointly:

1. When a buyer’s agent submits an offer on your listing through Jointly, you'll receive an email and text notification alerting you that a new offer has been received. You can click View Offer in the email or the link in the text to view the offer on Jointly.

Note: You can change your notification preferences in your Jointly user profile. On the main navigation bar, navigate to “Profile” > “Manage Profile” > “Notifications.” From there, you can choose to receive email notifications, text notifications, or both.

2. You’ll be redirected to the Offer page where you can review the terms of the offer, view offer documents, and present or respond to the offer.

On the Offer page, you'll see three tabs:

  • Tasks: A list of tasks for you and your clients related to this specific offer.

  • Terms: A high-level overview of the offer’s key terms. Once presented, your client will also see the offer broken down this way in their Terms tab.

  • Contract: View the offer documents in PDF format. You can also download the PDF documents from this tab.

3. When you're ready to present the offer to your client, press the SEND TO CLIENT BUTTON. A new window will appear where you’ll have the option to present the offer for your client to review or accept the offer and send to your client to review and sign.

Note: If you are receiving an offer on a listing that was not set up on Jointly, you will have the opportunity to invite your seller(s) now.

Add a personal note for your client. After you hit Send, your clients will receive an email and text notification with your personal message and a link to view the offer in Jointly.

presenting an offer with an optional message to client in jointly

4. From the Offer page, you can also respond to the offer by accepting or rejecting the offer.

Learn more about how to accept or reject an offer in Jointly:

As you begin to receive other offers, you can view a summary of all the offers you receive under the “Offers” tab on the Listing Overview page. From here, you can click on individual offers to get a closer look at the details of a specific offer.

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