How to start receiving offers

Learn how to receive offers through Jointly.

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Once you've claimed your listing and set up your Offer Portal, you’re ready to start receiving offers! But first, you’ll want to ensure buyer’s agents can access your listing’s Offer Portal page.

Share your Offer Portal link

In order for buyer’s agents to access your Offer Portal page, you’ll need to share the link. We recommend adding your Offer Portal link directly to the remarks section of your MLS listing with instructions to draft and submit offers via the link.

To share your Offer Portal link:

1. Navigate to your Offer Portal page

2. Click the share icon on your Offer Portal page.

arrow pointing to the share icon on the jointly offer portal

3. A unique short link for your Offer Portal will automatically generate so you can add it to your MLS listing. You can also share this link directly with other agents. Press Copy Link.

copying the offer portal share link in jointly

Best practices for sharing your Offer Portal link

Here are some best practices for using Jointly to receive offers on your listing:

First, we recommend adding the following verbiage to the MLS remarks:

**Draft, e-sign, and submit all offers using Jointly:**

Note: Be sure to replace the short link provided above with the short link you copied from your listing's Offer Portal.

Second, we recommend uploading the offer instructions for your listing to the MLS. To request offer instructions, contact us at [email protected] or click the support icon on the main navigation to send our support team a message.

Here's an example of the offer instructions we provide:

jointly offer instructions pdf

What's next?

Now that you've shared your Offer Portal link, find out what to expect when you receive your first offer.

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