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My Client is Not Receiving Emails
My Client is Not Receiving Emails
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Identifying the Issue

  1. Confirm the correct email address with your client.

  2. If the email address you have is correct, ask your client to check their junk or spam folder to see if the email was marked as spam and not placed in his or her inbox. The emails from Jointly will come from "[email protected]". If this is the cause of your client not receiving the email in their inbox, you can suggest that they add the email address to their address book so that future emails are received correctly.

How to Edit Your Client's Email Address

  1. In the Participants section of your deal, click the circle icon for the client you would like to edit.

2. Click on the pencil edit icon.

3. Type in new email and click on Save.

4. Once you have corrected the email, you will need to send a message to your client to

invite them to login. Navigate to the Message Center and select the Send Login Link


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