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How to Add Existing Deals in Jointly
How to Add Existing Deals in Jointly

Learn how to add deals that were started outside of Jointly to your Jointly account.

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You can add existing or past deals to Jointly - it's just as easy as creating a new deal! Adding your existing and past deals allows you to receive and organize offers keeping all your data and documents in one place.

How Do I Create a Deal for My Existing Client?

  1. Whether you have an existing client or a new client, you will always start with Add Client at the top right corner.

  2. From here, select the client type that you are representing.

  3. Now that your client deal has been created, you can delete any of the automated documents from your task list and you can upload any existing documents related to your client representation, such as the IABS, Representation Agreements, etc. to your client tasks. You would not want to upload an executed contract in this section.

  4. Select Add Document, and select the upload option.

  5. The document will show in the draft status of your task list, select the new task.

  6. This will now allow you to map any additional fields on the document. If none are needed, select save.

  7. Review and Mark the Document as Ready. The document will then close and be stored in your Client Documents tab in the left navigation panel.

What Do I Do If I've Already Submitted or Received an Offer Outside of Jointly?

If you have already received or submitted an offer outside of Jointly, you would still need to follow the steps outlined above to create the client deal as we need to know which side of the transaction you are representing. Then you can create the offer and proceed with uploading the documents.

  1. To create an offer, select the offer icon next to the offer drop down within your client deal.

  2. If you are representing the buyer, you will be asked which contract you would like to use. Since you don't need to draft the contract in Jointly, you can select 'None of the Above'.

  3. Make sure you are in your Offer Tasks, and go ahead and upload the offer you received or submitted.

  4. Also be sure to complete the Offer Terms task available. This is how Jointly will capture the data concerning the offer and save it to allow you to utilize parts of the timeline feature, smartfields, and the offer comparison tool.

  5. You will have to manually mark the status of the offer if it is being accepted. To do this, select the gear icon at the top of your screen.

  6. Select Update Offer Status.

  7. Select the status from the drop down.

  8. Your deal status will now change. If you updated the status to executed, the deal will move to the Contracts tab.

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