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Cooperation on Jointly
Cooperation on Jointly
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What happens to the deal when the other party's agent isn't a user of Jointly?

Great news! Cooperating agents do not have to already be a user of Jointly in order for you to manage an offer or lease for your clients.

As a Buyer's Agent, if you submit an offer to an agent who doesn't use Jointly, they will receive a notification with the offer. They will be able to view the terms of the deal, review the offer documents from the contract tab and if they choose to manage the deal on Jointly, they will be prompted to make a free account.

As a Listing Agent, if you receive an offer or application outside of Jointly, you can still track key dates, tasks and messages within Jointly. If you navigate to your Offer or Application within your Client Deal, you will see a START LEASE or UPLOAD OFFER icon. When you select that option, you will be prompted to add in the Buyer or Tenant information, their agent's information (if applicable) and finally you can upload the offer or application you received outside of Jointly and proceed with assigning tasks to your clients.

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