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Team Document Templates
Team Document Templates

Learn how to create custom document templates for your team.

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As a User who has been assigned the Team Admin role during the onboarding, you will have the ability to create custom document templates for your entire team to access.

  1. To add a template click the ADD DOCUMENT button and upload the document from your computer.

  2. On the Add a Document modal, select Upload documents.

  3. Upload the document.

  4. Select the uploaded document from your list of tasks.

  5. Rename your document if necessary.

  6. Select the desired fields and map them onto the document.

  7. Once you have mapped the document, select the file icon in the upper right corner.

  8. By selecting "Yes" you can share this document with your team. If you select "No" the document will be a template for your personal use.

  9. For your team to use this document, they can navigate to the ADD DOCUMENT on their deal and select the Templates option.

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