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Frequently asked questions
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What if I don’t have my client’s email when starting a deal?

  • To have your clients complete tasks within Jointly, a unique email address is required. When creating your deal you are asked to provide this. If you do not have the client's email address at that time you are given the option to select Skip For Now, however when you are ready to assign a task to your client you will be prompted for that information again.

  • You can update a client's contact information by going to Participants > select the client's bubble > press the pencil icon to edit > press save after updating the email address.

What if my clients use the same email or a Power of Attorney?

  • You can create an email aliases that allows you to use slightly different email addresses that funnel all messages into a single email inbox. Many common email service provides support this capability and allows you to add a '+' and a number after the username and before the domain name.

    Learn more here.

What if my client is not receiving emails?

  • First, confirm the correct email address with your client, then ask your client to check his or her junk folder to see if the email was marked as spam. The emails from Jointly will come from "[email protected]"

    Learn how to edit your client's email address here

How do I resend the Jointly link to my clients?

  • Send a message by locating the envelope icon. Every email sent from Jointly will include a login link for the recipient to log back into Jointly. Learn more here.

How do I upload a non-TXR document?

  • Upload a non-TXR document by clicking the +Add Document button on any deal. Once you have uploaded the document, you will have the ability to map out fields, including text and signatures.

    Learn more here

How do I create a document template?

  • Templates can be added to any deal page. Select the Add Document button and Upload the document, from the document mapper you will see a folder icon on the top right hand corner of the screen next to the save button. There you will be able to save templates that will be accessible for the deal type where the template was added.

    Learn more here

What happens when I submit an offer?

  • When you submit your offer to the listing agent they will receive an email or text notification. The message will include a link to view the offer. The notification will be sent whether the listing agent already has a Jointly account or not. If the listing agent does not already have a Jointly account, they will have two options - create a Jointly account or download the documents via the Contract tab.
    Learn more about the next steps here

If my clients don't need to complete an application and I want to start drafting a lease, how can I do this?

  • On your deal, navigate to the Applications tab and select Start Lease. By doing this you will have the ability to start drafting a lease and other lease related documents.
    Learn more here

How can I obtain a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity for Electronic Signatures?

  • You can download the Certificate(s) of Authenticity for Electronic Signatures for documents that have been signed by selecting the Download icon in the Documents tab. Once you select the desired document(s) you will be asked if you want to include e-signature certificates.
    Learn more here

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