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What is an application balance?

Jointly offers tenant screening services at a standard fee of $50. Additionally, we provide flexibility for listing agents to set their own application fees as long as it exceeds $50.

If you choose to set your application fee greater than $50, we will pay the listing agent (by default) out on the balance. (For example, the application fee set by listing agent is $75 - the Jointly screening fee of $50 = Balance of $25.)

Jointly takes a 5% convenience fee on the Balance, so the listing agent's payout will be: Balance of $25 - 5% convenience fee = listing agent pay out of $23.75

To start receiving the balance, Set up your Receiving Account

To set your application fee, complete the Set up Listing task in your Landlord Listing deal.

Editing your application fee:

If you already set your application fee and need to change it, click the pencil icon next to your Listing Overview > Edit Application Requirements

From the Edit Application Requirements task, you can update who should receive the balance.

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