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Send Documents for Compliance Review
Send Documents for Compliance Review

Once submitted, the designated reviewer will be allowed to approve or reject a document.

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To start using the document review feature, the your designated Team Admin will need to add a Reviewer and set the contract preferences for Jointly Document Approval.

Navigate to your Team Icon on the left side panel of your screen and follow these steps:

  1. Manage Team > Add a Reviewer Supervisor (included automatically to all deals) or add a Reviewer (you have to manually add to each deal)

  2. Contract Preferences > Document Review Preferences > Select Jointly Document Approval.

**Note - Once the Document Review Preferences are set to Jointly Document Approval, users can add a reviewer to the deal from the Participants section if a Reviewer Supervisor was not added to the team

Sending the Document(s)

  1. Hover over the document(s) you want to send and click the checkbox(es) to select.

    Once you select a document, you have the option to select all documents by clicking here.

  2. Click "REQUEST REVIEW" to submit the documents to the Reviewer.

Once a document has been submitted for Review, you will have the option to:

The Reviewer will receive an email notification with a link to the document(s) to review.

When the review is complete, the status of the document will show as Approved or Rejected.

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