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Uploading Documents & Document Templates
Uploading Documents & Document Templates

Learn how to upload documents with customized fields and save them as templates for future use.

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How do I Upload a Document?

Jointly currently provides a forms library that includes all state forms for both Texas and Arizona. For simple document drafting of these forms you will not need to map fields. If you are needing to upload a document and map custom fields, follow the directions below.

  1. To upload a document, click the +Add Document button from a tasks page.

  2. Select Upload documents and browse your computer for the document(s) to add then click the Upload button.

  3. Once you have selected your document, you will see a Map checkbox. Leave this checked if you need to map any fields to the document. If you just want to save the document to your file as is, uncheck the map box.

  4. If you have selected to map the document, it will now show in the Draft status folder of your task list. Click the document to open it and begin mapping fields.

  5. The mapping experience will allow you to add fields to the document. You can move and resize the fields. Click and drag the field to the desired position with the arrows.

  6. Once a field is in the desired position, assign the field to a participant of your deal by selecting their name on the right panel. Once a field is assigned to a participant of the deal, the field color should change to match the color of the participant on the right panel.

  7. Once you have mapped all of the desired fields, select Save in the upper right.

  8. You will have the option to adjust visibility of the document for participants.

  9. The task will now be ready for you to review, and if applicable for you to complete any fields assigned to you.

  10. Once you have reviewed and completed any fields assigned to you and marked the document ready, the document will be available to assign to your client or cooperating party.

How do I Map Smart Fields to an Uploaded Document?

Smartfields are Jointly data points that you can map out on your uploaded documents. These data points include information such as participant names, addresses, and key terms, helping to save you time and reduce errors. Located at the top ribbon, simply select the field you want to insert, and you're done.

How do I Auto Map an Uploaded Document?

Jointly’s automap feature allows you to save time when uploading certain TXR and TREC documents that were partially executed outside of Jointly, and that your client needs to sign.

Located on the top ribbon of the uploaded document experience, first select the document you are mapping and then the platform will automatically place the initial and signature fields for you. It's important to note that you don’t need to remove signature fields for participants who are not part of the deal. Be sure to review the document to confirm that everything looks good.

How do I Clone Signature and Initial Fields?

You can clone signature and initial fields. The cloned fields will be placed in the same position on the selected pages of your document. This process makes the custom document experience efficient and saves you time with mapping.

To do this, place your initial or signature field exactly where you want it. Next, select the Clone button on your bottom right panel. You can select the pages to which you want to clone the field. Be sure to review the document to confirm that everything looks good.

How do I add Date Fields?

When you place signature fields on a document, a date field will be included and assigned to the person the signature field is assigned to.

Another option would be adding a date field, placing it where desired, and then selecting the autofill option on the right panel. This will populate the date of the last person signing the document.

How do I Remove/Replace Text on a Document

  1. To remove existing text, add the strikethrough and place it over the existing text. Choose "white" color in the right column and "extra heavy" weight. This will place a white box over the text that will appear blank in the final copy.

2. To replace the text, add a text field over the white box and enter your text.

How do I Save an Uploaded Document as a Template?

Uploading documents to add custom fields can be done in any deal, however if you wish to save that document as a template for future use, it will only be available in future deal types that are the same in which it was originally created. Ex., If a template is added to a Seller deal, it will not be available on a Buyer deal or on a deal once it advances to an Offer deal.

  1. Upload and map your document as outlined in the steps above.

  2. Select the file icon in the upper right before saving the document.

  3. Users that have been assigned a Team Admin role as part of a Jointly Business partnership will have the option to share the template with the team. If No is selected here, the template will only be available for that user. If Yes is selected, the admin has the option to choose a team to share with. To share with multiple teams, click the folder icon again after sharing and select another team. If a template was added by the admin, only the admin will be able to delete.

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