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Learn how to use and benefit from the timeline view.
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With Timeline View, you and your clients can easily stay on top of key dates to ensure everything goes smoothly from contract to close.


Once an offer has been executed, the timeline of all key dates coming from your contract will show up. This is visible to the agent, their team, and clients, so everyone can be on the same page.

Both sides of the transaction have access to this view, however, the status of each key date is not shared. Additionally, you can remove, edit, or add key dates, and this also won’t affect the collaborating side view.

Sync to your calendar

As the agent of the transaction, you can sync these dates to your calendar account (Gmail or Outlook) and an event will be created for each date you decide to sync. Additionally, you can invite your team, client, and collaborating agent to the event so they all can have the event on their calendars.

Set notifications

Receive an email or text notification ahead of a deadline so you don’t miss anything. You can set notifications for the agent, their team, client, and collaborating agent.

Team preferences

Teams can set default preferences so every time a transaction is executed the same set of key dates, events, and notifications is created.

This feature is only available to team pro and enterprise accounts.

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