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Understanding task statuses
Understanding task statuses
Learn more about task statuses and how they can help you quickly navigate your transactions.
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Task Statuses

With task statuses, you can quickly identify the status of your documents to see what action you or your clients need to take next.

Important Note: We recently made updates to how tasks are displayed in Jointly. Instead of seeing you and your client's tasks in one list under the Tasks tab, you will now see a "View As" section with your and your client's name(s). When you click on a name, you will see the tasks that have been assigned to that specific participant. If you are working on a deal before this change took effect, you will see the "View As" section but not the task statuses. Task statuses will only appear on new deals created after this update was implemented.

You can view task statuses on both your "Next Steps" tab on your Listing or Buyer Overview page and your “Tasks” tab on your Offer page. Depending on which side of the deal you’re on and where the task is in the process, you may see the following statuses:

  • Draft

  • Ready for client signature

  • Pending client signature

  • Ready to submit to listing agent

  • Submitted to listing agent

  • Ready to be presented

  • Presented

These statuses will appear above the task name in your task list. Task statuses will change automatically as each document progresses from draft to submission and received to presented.

How do you know if your client was assigned a task/received a document?

Whether you're on your "Next Steps" or "Tasks" tab, under "View As," you can click on your client's name to see which tasks they've been assigned. If your client has any open tasks to complete, you'll also see a number next to their name. When you click on their name, you'll see the tasks they've been assigned but have not yet completed.

To view a client's completed tasks, click the three dots to the right of the participant names under "View As," then click "Show Completed." You'll then see your client's completed tasks.

Showing/Hiding Completed Tasks

You can display or hide the completed tasks on you deal by clicking the three dots in top right corner and selecting either show or hide completed tasks.

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