How to customize your Offer Portal
Learn how to customize and edit your listing's Offer Portal.
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Once you’ve finished setting up your client, you can work through the remaining items under “Next Steps” to finish customizing your Offer Portal.

Although customizing your Offer Portal is optional, it allows you to set expectations for interested buyer’s agents while encouraging them to submit a more competitive offer.

To begin customizing your Offer Portal, select “Seller Contract Preferences.”

Note: If your listing is a Single-Family Home, you will see “- SFH” after “Seller Contract Preferences.” This is just to denote the property type. You may also see a task named "Listing Profile" depending on the property type.

filling in the financial terms for the seller contract preferences in jointly

For “Seller Contract Preferences,” you’ll see five sections to complete:

Note: Some of the sections and questions for this task may differ depending on the property type. Information in these sections may be pre-populated based on information in the MLS. For instance, the preferred title company and property address. Other fields may include a default value. You can easily overwrite these fields if you’d like to make changes.

  • Other Parties: designate your preferred escrow officer and title company, and note if the seller will be consulting an attorney.

  • Property: note if the seller can provide an existing survey, plans to complete any repairs, is aware of any leases on the property, and if they would like any items excluded from the sale.

  • Financial Terms: provide suggested earnest money (defaulted to 1% of the purchase price), option fee, home warranty contribution, and if the seller will pay any buyer closing costs.

  • Dates & Deadlines: designate the seller’s preferred option period (number of days) and if the buyer will receive possession upon closing. If the buyer will not receive possession at closing, you can indicate whether the seller needs a leaseback. If they do, a new task will appear in your “Next Steps” where you can indicate your seller’s leaseback preferences (i.e. daily leaseback rate).

  • Special Provisions: add any special provisions you might want to include.‍

Pro Tip: Do you always use the same escrow officer for your transactions? You can set your preferred escrow agent in your Jointly user profile so all your contracts going forward automatically populate with your preferred escrow agent. On the main navigation menu, go to “Profile” > “Manage Profile” > “Contract Preferences” > “Preferred Title & Escrow Information” to update this preference.

After completing these sections, you’ll notice that your Offer Portal has been updated with the information you entered. To navigate to your Offer Portal from the Listing Overview page, click the Go to Portal button under the property address.

Offer Portal Overview

On your Offer Portal page, you’ll see three tabs: Information, Remarks, and Documents. You can edit the information shown on these tabs by clicking the Edit button.

offer portal in jointly after listing has been claimed

Here’s a quick overview of each of the tabs:

  • Information: The data you see here is populated based on the information you entered in the “Seller Contract Preferences” task and can be further edited here. You’ll also have the ability to change the property photo, edit the listing agent information, and make the offer and draft count public or private (these are private by default). If you select “public,” buyer’s agents will be able to see how many offers have been submitted and how many are being drafted.

  • Remarks: By default, the Remarks tab includes the remarks as shown in the MLS. However, you have the option to edit this text.

  • Documents: On the Documents tab, you can upload relevant property documents like the Property Survey or Seller’s Disclosure Notice.

‍Note: Buyer’s agents will need to sign in or create an account in order to view any documents you’ve added.

When you’ve finished editing your Offer Portal, click Done Editing. To navigate back to your Listing Overview page, you can select Go to client.

What's next?

Now that you have your Offer Portal set up, you’re ready to start receiving offers!

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