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How to Edit or Redline a Document
How to Edit or Redline a Document

Learn how to edit a client or offer document in Jointly.

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What is the difference between editing and redlining documents in Jointly? If you need to make a change to a document and have a clean copy once edits have been made, you will want to use the edit option. If you would like to add additional fields or strikethrough a section of a document you would want to use the redline option.


You can edit a document from your task page, by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the desired document task. When editing, the task for the document will reopen in your task page where you can make changes. Please be aware that if the document has been signed, this action will clear all signatures.


You can redline your document via the documents page within your folders. To do this, select the three dots to the right of the document and then select the redline option. This will save a copy of the signed document in your documents page under Archived, just in case you still need it. The document you wish to edit will now be available in your task page to map. This will allow you to use the strikeout field type to redline sections of the document, make your adjustments and resend for initialization as needed.

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