How to archive an offer

Learn how to archive offers to keep your deals organized.

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When you’re drafting multiple offers on behalf of a client, things can get chaotic. Archiving offers makes it easy to stay organized by hiding offers that are no longer relevant while ensuring you retain a record of every offer.

How to archive an offer

1. Navigate to your Offers tab and find the offer you’d like to archive.

2. Click the three dots to the far right of the property address. Then, select Archive Offer.

3. You’ll be prompted to confirm this action. Press Archive.

Note: Archiving an offer will only affect your view and will not archive the offer for other users.

4. Once you confirm, the offer will be stored under an “Archive” section at the bottom of your Offers tab. From there, you can access the deal and its details, as well as, unarchive the offer.

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