How to set up your property
Learn how to set up a new listing on Jointly.
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After you've claimed your listing or added a client on Jointly, you'll be redirected to your Listing Overview. Your Listing Overview is a space where you and your client can collaborate on the listing. This includes adding information about the property, drafting and signing the listing agreement, completing disclosures, and more.

Add Listing Information

When you first land on the Listing Overview, you'll be prompted to enter in additional information about your listing.

The “Listing Information” task will ask for some optional information about the seller, property, listing expiration date, and occupancy status.

Note: This information will only be visible to you and your client. It will be used later on to prefill parts of the Listing Agreement and contract.

You can also choose whether or not you'd like your client to automatically be notified when they have a task to complete. If you choose "yes," your client will receive an email and/or text notification each time they're assigned a new task.

Press Save to complete the "Listing Information" task.

Filling in listing information on the Jointly Listing Overview page

What's next?

Once you’ve finished setting up your property, you can work through the remaining items under “Next Steps” to finish customizing your Offer Portal.

Although customizing your Offer Portal is optional, it allows you to set expectations for interested buyer's agents while encouraging them to submit a more competitive offer.

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