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How to Clone and Resubmit an Offer
How to Clone and Resubmit an Offer

Learn how to clone or duplicate an offer as a draft.

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What happens when you clone an offer?

Cloning an offer will duplicate the existing offer and create a new draft of that offer.

When can you clone an offer?

The option to clone an offer will be available:

  • After an offer has been created

  • After an offer has been rescinded

  • After an offer has been rejected

How to clone an offer:

  1. From the Offer page, click MORE and then confirm to Clone


  2. When you click "clone," a duplicate of the offer will be created. You'll be redirected to the new draft offer.

  3. In the top left, you'll notice the offer will say "Version 2" and be in a "Draft" status.

  4. All the fields that you previously completed in the original offer will be filled out. Click through each section of the contract and hit SAVE even if you don't make any changes.

  5. When you're ready, you can send the offer to your client for signature.

  6. Once your client signs, click SUBMIT TO LISTING AGENT to resubmit the offer.

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