How to rescind an offer

Learn how to rescind an offer on a property.

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After you submit an offer on a property, you'll have the ability to rescind the offer.

  1. From the Offer page, click Rescind.

  2. Choose whether or not you'd like to notify the listing agent that you are rescinding the offer.

  3. If you select "yes," you can add a personal note to the listing agent. This note will be included in the email and/or text notification sent to the listing agent.

  4. Press Submit.

  5. Once you click "Submit," the offer will be rescinded.

Once an offer is rescinded, you'll have the option to clone the offer or reopen it.

Cloning an offer will create a draft copy of the offer.

Reopening an offer will reactivate the offer and return it to the previous offer status.

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