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A Guide for Clients: How to E-Sign Documents on Jointly
A Guide for Clients: How to E-Sign Documents on Jointly

Step-by-step instructions on how to e-sign offer documents on Jointly.

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How to E-Sign Documents with Jointly

In this quick e-signing guide for clients, we'll cover:

  • How to access Jointly to sign your documents

  • How to e-sign your documents

  • How to set your digital signature

  • How to make sure you've completed signing all of your documents

If you're having issues e-signing your documents on Jointly, check our e-signing frequently asked questions at the bottom of this article.

Navigating to Jointly

1. When your agent assigns you a task to complete you'll receive an email from Jointly.

2. Open the email and click the Go to Jointly button.

Note: If you haven't yet created an account, you must access Jointly by clicking the Go to Jointly button in this email. You will not be able to create an account if you go directly to

3. You'll be redirected to the specific deal in Jointly and be prompted to review and sign the documents assigned to you.

Signing Documents

4. Once you've logged in, review the tasks available for you in Client, Offer or Contract Tasks. You can then select the document you want to review and sign.

5. Click Initial Here on the document or Sign Everywhere.

6. If this is your first time signing a document on Jointly, you'll need to set your digital signature and initials. If you've already done this, skip to step 10 below.

Set Your Digital Signature

7. You can draw or type your signature. Choose which you prefer by selecting the appropriate tab. Then, draw or enter your signature into the box.

8. Select the checkbox agreeing that the signature is legally binding. Press Next.

9. Draw or type in your initials. Press Adopt.

Note: If at any point you'd like to update your digital signature or initials, you can press Clear and then reenter them as you'd like them to appear.

Finish Signing the Documents

10. If there are multiple signature or initial fields on a document, Jointly will automatically scroll you to the next field until each one has been completed.

11. Press Save & Submit.

Note: If any signature or initial fields are missed, you'll be taken to the appropriate section. You will not be able to complete signing the document until all fields are completed.

12. If you need to sign multiple documents, the next document will automatically open for you to sign. Make sure to review and sign all the documents listed, not just the contract.

13. Once you've finished signing all the documents, you'll receive a message letting you know you're all set.

14. That's it! You've successfully signed your offer πŸŽ‰ You can now close Jointly or click View Offers to view and track the status of your offer.

E-Signing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I never received an email from Jointly or my agent. Where can I find the email?

A: If you're unable to find the email from Jointly, the email may have gone to your spam folder or promotions tab. First, check your spam folder to make sure the email is not there. If you can't find the email in your spam folder, next check your promotions or updates tabs. If you're still unable to locate the email, contact your agent.

Q: When I try to create an account, I get an error to contact support. Why can't I create an account?

A: To create an account on Jointly, you'll need to access Jointly from the email sent by your agent. Open any email from Jointly and click the "Go to Jointly" button. From there, you'll be redirected to the Jointly sign up screen where you can finish completing your account. You can always ask your agent to send you a message through Jointly to send you another link.

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