Invite a Transaction Coordinator or Other Team Member

Learn how to invite a transaction coordinator or team member to help manage your clients and deals in Jointly.

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Make collaborating with your team easier. Invite your transaction coordinator or other team members to Jointly to help manage your clients and deals.

Note: If you'd like your transaction coordinator or team member to manage multiple deals, you'll have to invite them to each one or upgrade your account to Jointly Business.

1. From the Deals page, select the deal you'd like to invite a team member to.

2. In the Participants section on the left-hand panel of the Buyer or Listing Overview page, click the Add Particpant icon.

3. From the drop-down menu, select the particpant role and enter their name and contact information then click on Save

4. After saving, you will see an icon for the new particpant in the Particpants section.

5. To complete the invite, you will need to send a message to that participant and they will receive a link to login to Jointly.

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